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AARP Chase Credit Card Review

Written by Mike Pearson
Updated June 8, 2023

The AARP Chase credit card offers a variety of attractive perks for cardholders, particularly those who frequently dine out or make gas purchases. As a card designed with AARP members in mind, it provides significant cash back rewards, making it an excellent option for individuals looking to maximize their savings on everyday expenses. With no annual fee, this card is accessible to a wide range of consumers, garnering noteworthy attention in the competitive world of credit cards.

The rewards rate for the card features 3% cash back on gas and restaurant purchases, and 1% on all other purchases, which can be a major advantage for individuals seeking to save money in those categories. The variable APR ranges from 16.24% to 22.99%, based on each user’s creditworthiness. Balancing this attractive rewards structure are certain fees, such as a 3% foreign transaction fee and a balance transfer fee of $5 or 3% of the transaction amount, whichever is greater.

It is essential for potential cardholders to be aware of these details when considering the AARP Chase credit card. Overall, the card’s cashback and benefits can be quite advantageous for those who frequently spend on gas and dining, making it a strong contender in the promotional rewards landscape. As with any financial decision, consumers should carefully weigh the pros and cons of this card to ensure it aligns with their unique spending habits and financial goals.

AARP Chase Credit Card Overview

Issuer and Network

The AARP Chase Credit Card is a co-branded credit card offered by Chase in partnership with AARP. The card operates on the Visa network, making it widely accepted and accessible for cardholders.

Key Benefits

Rewards Program:

The AARP Chase Credit Card comes with a rewarding cash back program that offers:

  • 3% cash back on restaurant purchases
  • 3% cash back at gas stations
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases

Sign-up Bonus:

The card includes an attractive sign-up bonus for new cardholders, providing a financial incentive to start using the card right away. However, the details of the sign-up bonus are subject to change and should be verified at the time of application.

No Annual Fee:

The AARP Chase Credit Card does not charge an annual fee, which makes it easier for cardholders to enjoy the benefits without incurring extra costs.


The card’s interest rates vary between 16.24% – 22.99% Variable APR, depending on the cardholder’s creditworthiness. It’s essential to consider this when applying for the card, especially if you plan on carrying a balance from month to month.

Additional Features:

Besides the rewards program and other primary benefits, the AARP Chase Credit Card offers cardholders a few more features, such as:

  • $0 fraud liability protection
  • 24/7 customer service and account alerts
  • Ability to add authorized users without additional costs

Remember to read the card’s terms and conditions carefully before applying to see if it’s the right fit for you. Keep in mind that the AARP Chase Credit Card may periodically update its benefits and features, so it’s crucial to stay informed and aware of any changes.

Rewards Program Details

Earning Rewards

The AARP Credit Card from Chase offers a rewards program tailored for AARP members, focusing on everyday spending. The rewards include:

  • 3% cash back at restaurants
  • 3% cash back at gas stations
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases

There are no earning caps, and the rewards never expire, making it a suitable option for those who frequently dine out or spend on gas.

Redeeming Rewards

Cardholders can easily redeem their earned rewards in several ways:

  • As a direct deposit to a connected checking or savings account
  • As a statement credit reducing the card balance

This straightforward redemption system allows cardholders to conveniently use their cash back rewards, making the AARP Credit Card from Chase an attractive choice for eligible individuals.

Fees and APR

Annual Fee

The AARP Credit Card from Chase has no annual fee. This makes it an attractive option for cardholders who want to earn rewards and benefits without incurring any yearly cost.

APR Range

The AARP Credit Card from Chase has a variable purchase APR that ranges from 17.74% up to 24.49%. Although the card offers generous rewards, it may not be an ideal choice for individuals who tend to carry a balance since the APR can be on the higher end.

Balance Transfer Fee

When transferring a balance to the AARP Credit Card from Chase, be prepared to pay a balance transfer fee of either $5 or 5% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater. This fee should be taken into consideration when deciding to initiate a balance transfer.

Foreign Transaction Fee

The AARP Credit Card from Chase charges a 3% foreign transaction fee on each transaction made outside of the United States. If you’re a frequent traveler or make international purchases frequently, this fee might deter you from using this card for those purchases.

Other Fees

Aside from the fees mentioned above, the AARP Credit Card from Chase has additional fees to be aware of:

  • Cash advance fee: Either $10 or 5% of the amount of each transaction, whichever is greater.
  • Late payment fee: Up to $40.
  • Returned payment fee: Up to $40.

Benefits and Perks

Travel Benefits

The Chase AARP credit card offers a straightforward and attractive earning scheme for those who love to travel. Cardholders can enjoy 3% cash back on gas station purchases, which is very helpful for road trips and daily commutes. Moreover, rewards can be used towards airfare, hotel stays, and dining during your trips, enhancing your travel experience.

Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty

This credit card also provides peace of mind in terms of safeguarding your purchases. Cardholders can benefit from purchase protection that covers eligible items against theft or damage for a limited time. Additionally, an extended warranty is offered, adding extra coverage on top of the original manufacturer’s warranty on selected products. This saves you from worrying about sudden and unexpected malfunctions or issues with your purchases.

AARP Membership Benefits

Being an AARP credit cardholder comes with additional AARP membership perks, which include discounts on various services and products related to:

  • Travel (car rentals, cruises, and vacation packages)
  • Dining (popular restaurant chains)
  • Health and wellness (gyms, vision care, and hearing care)
  • Insurance (auto, home, and life)
  • Shopping (grocery, clothing, and online retailers)

These AARP membership benefits can ultimately help you save money, particularly in the realms of travel, dining, and shopping.

Donations to AARP Foundation

The AARP credit card takes a socially responsible approach, as Chase donates to the AARP Foundation’s Drive to End Hunger initiative every time you use your card. This means that with every purchase, you’re helping to support a noble cause by providing meals and assistance to older adults in need. Moreover, cardholders also have the option to donate their earned rewards to the AARP Foundation, further contributing to the fight against hunger.

Comparing Alternatives

AARP Essential Rewards Mastercard

The AARP® Essential Rewards Mastercard® from Barclays is a cash back credit card that offers a solid 3% cash back on drugstore and gas purchases. It also provides 2% cash back on medical expenses, which is an uncommon bonus category for credit cards. Plus, you’ll get 1% cash back on all other purchases. This card is a great choice for those who frequently spend on gas, drugstore items, and medical expenses.

Chase Freedom Flex

The Chase Freedom Flex is another cash back credit card option, providing 5% cash back on up to $1,500 in combined purchases in bonus categories each quarter you activate, as well as 5% cash back on travel purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards. Additionally, it offers 3% cash back on dining at restaurants, including takeout and eligible delivery services, and at drugstores. For all other purchases, the card provides 1% unlimited cash back. Though it doesn’t specifically cater to the AARP community, the Chase Freedom Flex could be a great card for individuals seeking versatile rewards.

Other Cash Back Credit Cards

There are several other cash back credit cards that can be compared to the AARP Essential Rewards Mastercard and Chase Freedom Flex:

  • Citi® Double Cash Card: This card offers a simple rewards structure with 2% cash back on every purchase: 1% when you make a purchase, and an additional 1% as you pay it off. It’s appealing for those seeking a straightforward cash back card without categories to track.
  • Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card: With this card, you’ll earn 1.5% cash back on every purchase without worrying about categories or spending limits. Plus, it comes with a $200 cash bonus after spending $500 on purchases within the first three months from account opening.
  • Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express: Offering 6% cash back at U.S. supermarkets (up to $6,000 per year, then 1%), 6% back on select U.S. streaming services, 3% back on public transit and at U.S. gas stations, and 1% back on other purchases, this cash back card is excellent for those who spend significantly on groceries, streaming services, and transportation.

Each cash back credit card comes with its unique rewards structure and perks, depending on your spending habits and priorities. By carefully comparing these alternatives, you can choose the best option that aligns with your financial goals.

Application and Eligibility

Credit Score Requirements

The AARP Credit Card from Chase recommends applicants to have a good to excellent credit score, usually ranging between 690 and 850. This is to ensure they meet the creditworthiness criteria for card approval. Keep in mind that the higher your credit score, the better chance you have of being approved for the card.

Application Process

Applying for the AARP Credit Card from Chase is simple and can be done online. When completing the application, you will need to provide some personal and financial information. This includes:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Mother’s maiden name
  • Address and contact details
  • Employment and income details

The application process also involves a review of your credit report to assess your creditworthiness. After submitting your application, you can expect to receive a response within a few minutes to a few days, depending on whether your application requires any additional review.

Customer Service and Support

The AARP Chase credit card prides itself on providing excellent customer service and support. Cardholders can expect timely and efficient assistance when needed. Chase customer service is accessible through various channels to address any concerns or inquiries.

One of the primary ways to reach Chase customer service is by phone. Their dedicated customer support line is available 24/7 for AARP credit cardholders. This ensures that help is always at hand, no matter when an issue arises. The representatives are knowledgeable and well-equipped to handle a wide range of topics related to the AARP credit card.

In addition to phone support, cardholders can also make use of their online account management tools. The Chase website and mobile app allow users to manage their AARP credit card accounts with ease. This includes tracking transactions, making payments, setting up alerts, and more. If cardholders encounter any roadblocks, they can also send a secure message through their account for additional assistance.

Social media platforms are another avenue for obtaining support from Chase. They maintain an active presence on popular networks like Twitter and Facebook. Should cardholders face any issues or have questions, they can reach out via these channels for prompt responses.

Moreover, Chase branches can also be visited for in-person help, although this may not be specific to the AARP credit card. With a widespread network of branches, cardholders can easily find one nearby for any banking or card-related concerns.

In summary, the AARP Chase credit card offers comprehensive customer service and support, ensuring cardholders have a positive experience. With multiple channels available for assistance, solving any issues or obtaining information is both convenient and hassle-free.

Conclusion and Author’s Opinion

In this review of the AARP Chase credit card, we’ve examined its features and offerings to provide an informed opinion for potential cardholders. Taking into consideration its benefits, such as its high cash back rate on gas and restaurant purchases, it’s clear that the AARP credit card could be an advantageous choice for many individuals, especially those who frequently spend on dining out and traveling.

However, it’s important to note that the AARP Chase credit card is no longer available for new applications. In 2021, Barclays became the new issuer for the AARP credit card portfolio, and former Chase accounts were automatically converted to one of the new Barclays offerings.

As the author of this review, my opinion is that the AARP Chase credit card was a solid option for those looking to maximize their rewards on specific spending categories without having to pay an annual fee. However, with its discontinuation, interested applicants should now explore the available Barclay‘s AARP credit cards in order to determine if those options align with their spending habits and rewards preferences.

Overall, the former AARP Chase credit card has earned a rating of 4 out of 5, primarily due to its valuable cash back rewards and lack of an annual fee. While the card is no longer available to new applicants, this review serves as a basis for understanding its merits and can be a helpful resource when considering the newer AARP credit card offerings from Barclays.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the AARP card rewards?

The AARP Credit Card from Chase offers a rewards program that includes 3% cash back on restaurant and gas station purchases, and 1% cash back on all other purchases. This card is particularly beneficial for those who frequently drive and dine out.

What credit score is required?

The recommended credit score for the AARP Credit Card from Chase ranges from 690 to 850, which is classified as good to excellent. Having a higher credit score increases your approval odds.

Are there any card problems?

While some users may have experienced issues during the transition from Chase to Barclays in March 2021, it’s important to research and read reviews to get a comprehensive understanding of the card’s performance. As with any credit card, experiences may vary depending on individual preferences and usage patterns.

How to make payments?

Cardholders can make payments through various methods, including online through the Chase website, via phone, or by mailing a check. Setting up automatic payments is recommended to ensure payments are made on time and avoid late fees.

Is there pre-approval?

While some credit card issuers offer pre-approval, the AARP Credit Card from Chase might not have this option available. It’s best to visit the Chase website or contact customer service to check your eligibility.

How to log in?

Cardholders can log in to manage their AARP Credit Card from Chase by visiting the Chase website and entering their username and password. If you’re a new cardholder or have trouble logging in, you may need to create a new account or reset your password.

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