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I’m a proud member of the 800 Credit Club, but it hasn’t always been that way.

I was introduced to the world of credit back in college when I got my first credit card and used it to pay for everything. Over time, I got really good at spending on it but not so good at actually paying it back.

After a few years of maxing out my card, paying off only the minimum amounts, and owing thousands of dollars in interest, I made the decision to empower myself with knowledge and finally get my credit house in order.

Credit Takeoff is an unbiased knowledge center and our goal is to help you make your own, educated decisions to get your credit life turned around. 

How Credit Takeoff can help you:

  • Learn how to fix your credit, in plain English, with our ultimate guide to credit repair” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>credit repair
  • Find out the best credit repair companies with our detailed credit repair company reviews 
  • Locate the best checking accounts and best banks for your needs

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About Mike Pearson

Mike Pearson, Founder & Managing Editor

Hi there, I’m Mike Pearson, a credit expert, self-taught personal finance geek, and member of the 800 Credit Club.  

After struggling with my own credit score for many years, I launched Credit Takeoff in 2019 to help readers make better decisions about their credit.

And I’ve made it my personal mission to spread the word about no-nonsense, simple, and actionable credit advice to as many people as possible.

To help in that mission, my advice and tips on credit and personal finance have been quoted extensively in many reputable online publications, including but not limited to:

I’ve been in the exact same place you may be today—after making a few poor financial decisions, being left with a poor credit score, and seemingly no way out.

I started Credit Takeoff after struggling with my credit for years after graduating from college.

My score was hovering in the 600 range, and as a result, I suffered the consequences of having bad credit: being denied loans, paying higher interest rates, and having to ask my parents to co-sign a lease for my first post-college apartment. 

But after spending hours reading and educating myself on how the credit system works, I was able to turn my credit score—and my personal financial life–around:

After going through this first-hand experience of feeling how overwhelming a bad credit score can be, I quickly realized something else: how little educational help was really out there.

And although I eventually dug in my heels and came up with my own plan for paying back my credit card balances and eventually making it into the 800 Credit Club, I realized there was a need for a one-stop-shop of resources to help you repair your credit and get your financial life back.

Credit Takeoff is not a credit repair agency and we don’t sell any of our own products. But if that’s what you’re looking for, we offer unbiased, deeply-researched educational guides and can put you in touch with the right agency that is right for you.

How We Make Money

We believe the best way to produce a valuable website is by putting the interests of our readers before the interests of anyone else. 

This “readers first” philosophy also extends to how we monetize our site.

Credit Takeoff makes money through advertising agreements with partners that share our vision for helping people make better decisions about their credit. We do careful diligence and only recommend products and services that will help you along your credit repair journey. If you decide to sign up for a product or service you find through Credit Takeoff, we might earn a commission from our partners.

Our Editorial Standards

Credit Takeoff only works with writers who are established experts in the world of personal finance. We’re here to offer unbiased advice that’s steeped in research, colored with insight from other experts in the field, and most important of all, written in plain English so that anyone can learn and follow along.

The rule of thumb for our editorial standards is simple—our content must be rooted in sound research and it must be provided to add as much value to our readers as possible. 

Your Privacy

We take your privacy seriously at Credit Takeoff. We will never sell your data or personal information to anyone.

You can find out more in our privacy policy.