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Avantus LLC: What Is It And How To Remove From My Credit Report?

Written by Mike Pearson
Updated August 10, 2022

In A Nutshell

Typically, the reason you see Avantus LLC on your credit report is due to a recent mortgage application—but there’s far more to it than that. If you’ve never encountered Avantus LLC before and you’re unsure what it means, this can make you feel very uncomfortable. But here’s what you’ll need to know. 

What Is Avantus LLC?

Avantus LLC is a special type of consumer reporting agency. It gives your credit information from your credit report to organizations like banks, other lenders, and credit unions. 

In normal circumstances, Avantus will perform credit checks on those who apply for loans and mortgages. 

It’s noteworthy that Avantus has recently merged with their competitor Universal CIS—so in the future, it’s possible you may see Universal CIS appear on your credit report rather than Avantus LLC. 

Why Is Avantus LLC On My Credit Report?

In short, the most likely reason you are seeing Avantus LLC on your credit report is that you’ve recently applied for a mortgage or a type of loan. Whichever lender you’ve provided an application to has used Avantus’s services to conduct a credit check. 

Is Avantus LLC Legitimate?

Yes. Avantus LLC is not a scam. Sometimes, when people see something on their credit report that they do not recognize, they might start to panic or think that they’ve been scammed, or are about to be scammed. 

Rest assured that Avantus LLC is totally above board and a 100% legitimate organization. However, it’s important that you know why Avantus LLC is on your credit report. 

If you are convinced that you have not applied for any such loan, mortgage, or other credit application—there’s a chance you’ve been subject to identity theft. 

In which case, you must take action immediately. Failure to do so could result in a seriously negatively impacted credit report, which could affect your chances of credit in the future.

The Right And Wrong Reasons For Avantus LLC On Your Credit Report 

As we mentioned, there are really only two ways Avantus LLC is appearing on your credit report—legitimate reasons or due to identity theft. Let’s look at these in more detail. 

The Right Reasons 

Application for credit in some way (such as a mortgage or loan) can result in Avantus LLC appearing on your credit report because the prospective lender has used Avantus’s services to conduct a credit check on you. 

This type of credit check is known as a hard check. This is when you formally apply for credit and the credit check is full, which can impact your credit score. 

Another type of credit check is known as a soft check. This is when you have not formally applied for credit in some way, but undergone basic checks to see if you might be eligible or might qualify. 

Other reasons for soft credit checks can be for anti-money laundering purposes or to check you still live at your address. These checks do not result in your credit score being impacted. 

The Wrong Reasons 

The reason you might be seeing Avantus LLC on your credit report and you’re definitely convinced you have not formally or informally applied for credit is because someone may have stolen your identity. 

Identity theft and fraud are very serious and can lead some people to critical debt situations and the inability to apply for credit in the future—it could also result in law enforcement involvement in some rare and extreme circumstances if you have not reported it. 

This is why it is so critical that you check your credit report regularly and check it for accurate information. 

If you suspect this to be the case, you should:

  • Contact Avantus and the prospective lender that requested their services. Explain the situation and ask for details of the application. 
  • Take as many notes and collect as much evidence as possible. 
  • Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and report identity theft.
  • Speak to one of the three major credit bureaus so you can have fraud alerts applied to your report. They will speak with the others on your behalf.

Does Avantus LLC Matter On My Report? Does It Affect My Credit Score?

Yes and yes. Seeing Avantus LLC on your credit report for the wrong reasons definitely matters because it could be indicative of identity theft. 

If this is left unreported, you could find your credit score significantly drop and you may even begin to receive demands for repayments for credit you never applied for. 

Any hard credit check, regardless if it was legitimate or not will have a consequence on your credit score. Normally, hard checks will have a short-term impact on your FICO score or VantageScore credit score. 

After a short time, this is then resolved and returns to normal—assuming you were successful with your credit application and have not applied for further credit. 

Remember, several hard credit checks in a short period of time can seriously impact your credit score. 

Seeing Avantus LLC on your credit report and you are aware that you have applied for credit though should not be cause for concern. 

Removing Avantus LLC From Your Credit Report 

There are two main ways you can remove Avantus LLC from your credit report. Here’s what they are. 

Dispute Letter 

If you are sure that you did not apply for credit but you are seeing Avantus LLC on your credit report, first you should contact the relevant people as mentioned earlier—but you should also draft a dispute letter. 

Dispute letters require investigation by the relevant credit bureau within 30-45 days. They should outline what your dispute is and why you are disputing it. 

Dispute letters are typically the best choice when it comes to removing something unrecognized on your credit score. 

Credit Repair Companies 

Legitimate credit repair companies can be very useful. They can work as the middle-man when it comes to dispute resolution. They can gather all the relevant information and evidence and will work for you.

However, it’s important you find legitimate credit repair companies. Real credit repair companies will never provide you false credit promises like changing your score overnight, nor will they ask for money upfront. 

In reality, these companies can only do what you could do yourself—so if you have the time and you are well organized, think to yourself if they are even worth the risk. 

What To Remember 

What you need to bear in mind with all of the information provided is the criticality of checking your credit report on a regular basis. 

If you do not do this, you may find yourself being a victim of credit fraud and identity theft. This can lead to serious financial implications, so always remain credit-savvy and aware. 

The Bottom Line 

Seeing something like Avantus LLC on your credit report when you don’t know who they are can be off-putting and even scary for some people—but typically there’s a simple explanation. 

If it’s not legitimate—it’s pretty easy to resolve too.

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