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BRCLYSBANKDE: What Is It And How To Remove It From My Credit Report?

Written by Mike Pearson
Updated August 9, 2022

If your recent credit report has BRCLYSBANKDE on it, it may be due to a card you applied for recently. BRCLYSBANKDE is short for Barclays Bank Delaware. 

The BRCLYSBANKDE might appear on your credit report after applying for a line of credit from Barclays Bank. It is also possible for the hard inquiry to show up if you already have an established line of credit from Barclays Bank or any of their third-party groups.

This article will go into further detail about BRCLYSBANKDE, how it can affect your credit score, and how you can remove it from your credit report.

What Is BRCLYSBANKDE & Why Is It on My Credit Report?

A BRCLYSBANKDE can show up on your credit report for many reasons; while most are harmless, there are some negative possibilities. There are 4 main reasons BRCLYSBANKDE might appear on your most recent credit report.

You Just Applied for a Financial Product Related to Barclays

This one is the most probable of all the possibilities for BRCLYSBANKDE to show up on your credit report.

If you have recently applied for a loan or a credit card, you have provided the bank with consent to perform a credit check on your credit report. There are two types of credit checks; soft inquiries do not affect your credit score. A hard inquiry will deduct points from your credit score and can stack up.

A soft inquiry will appear on your credit report after your overall score is reviewed. This review appears without the intention of opening a brand new account. Unrelated to your conduct, other factors could result in a soft inquiry.

Unlike a soft inquiry, a hard inquiry begins with specific actions engaged by the account owner. These reasons include applying for a new credit card, installment loans, or other financial products Barclays provides. If you have requested a financial product, BRCLYSBANKDE will appear on your most recent credit report.

One upside to soft inquiries is that they have no impact on your credit score. Sadly, a hard inquiry does impact your credit score. Hard inquiries could deduct your credit score by 10 points, but that is an extreme case; most individuals report a credit loss of under 5 points.

A soft inquiry might still appear on your credit report, but it does not affect your credit score.

According to FICO, a hard credit inquiry can persist on your credit report for over two years; however, it is worth noting that after 12 months, the impact of a hard inquiry is omitted.

Applying to a card from a third party relating to Barclays Bank could cause a BRCLYSBANKDE to show up on your credit report; the following is a list of some popular third-party companies relating to Barclays Bank.

  • American Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Emirates Skywards Premium
  • AARP Travel Rewards
  • Jet Blue
  • Princess Cruises
  • Barnes & Noble 
  • Gap Gods Rewards
  • Athleta Rewards
  • Banana Republic Rewards
  • Upromise
  • Holland America Line
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Miles & More
  • Priceline VIP Rewards

There is also a list containing all known credit cards affiliated with Barclays Bank.

If you have not interacted with any of these third-party companies, and a BRCLYSBANKDE shows up on your credit report, it might have been a fraudulent charge. 

Authorized User on Another Account

Another reason BRCLYSBANKDE might appear on your credit report is if another person has included you as an authorized user of their account. 

There are advantages to authorizing other users to your account and being an authorized user on another account. Your credit score may go up if you are a trusted borrower and an authorized user on another account by someone accountable for their payments. If the other person is unreliable with their bills, it will immediately lower your credit score.

Adding authorized users must be done with care and consideration.

You Own a Barclays Credit Account

If you have owned or currently own a Barclays credit account, BRCLYSBANKDE may appear on your credit report. 

Even if your account was closed, this still holds. It is important to note that inactivity may result in the closure of your account.

BRCLYSBANKDE can linger on your credit report for 7 to 10 years depending on how your account was closed. 

Identity Theft

If you never applied for a Barclays credit account but have a BRCLYSBANKDE on your credit report, you might be a victim of identity theft. 

Your information may be stolen if you already have a Barclays account. If you believe you are a victim of identity theft and that someone has access to your information, there are some steps you can take.

  • Keep a vigilant watch over your bank balance, and look out for any irregularities. If you have noticed suspicious behavior, call your bank immediately.
  • Regularly evaluate your credit rating, and watch for unexpected activity. If you receive a post from a bank or company you are unaware of, find out why it was sent.
  • Be wary of any unexpected calls, texts, emails, or postings on social media asking for personal information under the guise of being from your bank or other organizations. 

After you have confirmed you are a suspect of identity theft, you can perform the following steps to combat the fraudulent activity.

  • Get in contact with Barclays, and inform them that you did not permit the inquiry.
  • Go to the Federal Trade Commission’s website for identity theft and create a report.
  • Get in contact with one of the three main credit bureaus, and ask for a fraud alert to be placed on your credit report. 

After taking these steps, supervise your bank account and credit reports for a couple of months for any suspicious or out-of-the-blue activity.

How BRCLYSBANKDE Affects Your Credit Score

A BRCLYSBANKDE can be classified as a hard inquiry or an account.

The most points that can be taken away from a hard inquiry is 10, but the average is closer to 5.

Inquiries are not limited to one instance and you may be filed with consecutive hard inquiries. Hard inquiries can stack and hurt your credit score.

If you have a closed Barclays account, your credit score is influenced by three variables: payment history, length of credit history, and credit mix.

If your Barclays account is still open, your credit utilization rate will also be an additional factor affecting your credit score.

Getting BRCYLYSBANKDE Removed From Your Credit Report

If your BRCYLYSBANKDE wasn’t by fraud, there are still some steps you may perform to get rid of it.

Get In Contact With Credit Bureaus

Credit bureaus have the authority to abolish hard credit inquiries from your credit report in specific situations. 

If you have not applied for a credit card or loan with Barclays or one of their affiliates, there are several measures you can take to have them removed from your credit report.

  1. Get a Credit Report

Acquire the most recent copy of your credit report from all credit bureaus that hold fraudulent entries.

  1. Spot the Errors

Mark all fraudulent Barclay items on your credit report.

  1. Fill Out a Dispute Form

Depending on which credit bureau you need to contact, fill out their credit dispute forum. 

  1. Provide Your Credit Dispute to a Suitable Credit Bureau

Remember, the more detail you provide, the better. Provide the credit bureau with all information and suspicious activity possible, as it might aid in the credit dispute.

  1. Await Their Investigation

If they deem your case appropriate, the credit bureau will remove all fraudulent activity from your credit report.

Get In Contact With Barclays

This option is only applicable if you have discovered a bank account that someone else has opened under your name and is impersonating you. Getting in contact with Barclays as soon as possible in this instance is crucial. 

Reach out to Barclays through their contact us page, and send them details of your dispute charge.

After contacting Barclays, they will handle the case for you. This process could take a couple of weeks to resolve.

Alternative Solutions

There are some other steps you can take if another person has stolen your identity and has opened a Barclays account. 

Registering for a free credit monitoring service might help you better track your credit score, and provide you with more up-to-date information. Freezing your credit is also another way to combat identity theft. 

There are some other steps to take which involve filing and contacting the IRS. 

Some tips to keep your information secure include keeping your pin secure and using solid passwords. 

Use a Credit Repair Company 

A credit repair company will combat the hard inquiry on your behalf. They will maintain direct contact with you, your creditors, and the credit bureaus. 

There is a chance they might be able to remove your BRCLYSBANKDE from your credit report. To ensure this, they will assist you in collecting proof and managing all outgoing communication. 

It’s worth noting that a credit repair company doesn’t guarantee any higher chances than you might have, they just have more experience. There is no guarantee that these companies will be able to dispute your BRCLYSBANKDE, and if they can, it might take some time.

One tip to remember when dealing with a credit repair company is that they are not authorized to charge you any fees until they have provided help. If they ask for money beforehand, look for another credit repair company.

How Long Does a Credit Report Take To Be Corrected

After you have relayed your credit reporting error, it can take some time for everything to be finalized.

Most disputes are resolved within 30 days after you have announced and reported the issue correctly.

If you have recently received your free annual credit report, the investigation may take up to 45 days to finalize. It’s worth noting that providing the investigation with additional details may delay the case by up to 15 days.

After an investigation is completed, consumer reporting agencies are required to report their findings within 5 business days to you.

Your case might not require the specified period, but it is good to know how long credit reporting agencies take to report their results.


A BARCLAYSBANKDE in your credit report comes after applying for one of the financial products offered by Barclays or one of its third-party affiliates. If you are authorized on someone else’s account, you may be affected by their BARCLAYSBANKDE inquiry.

In most cases, it can be disputed and removed after a few steps. 

If you suspect the cause is identity theft, there are other steps you can take to combat the issue, and recover your credit report. 

A BARCLAYSBANKDE will affect your credit report, though if it is a soft inquiry, it won’t be by much.

To avoid identity theft, keep your passwords strong, and do not share your pin with anyone.

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