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Sky Blue Credit Review: Best Credit Repair Company?

Written by Mike Pearson
Updated September 22, 2022

This is an in-depth review of Sky Blue Credit.

In this up-to-date review, we’ll be covering:

  • Who Sky Blue Credit is
  • How much Sky Blue Credit costs
  • Sky Blue Credit‘s refund policy
  • Things we like
  • Things we don’t like
  • Whether they’re one of the best credit repair companies
  • And lots more

Let’s get started.

Who is Sky Blue Credit?

Sky Blue Credit is one of the oldest credit repair companies in the industry—they’ve been around since 1989, so they know their stuff–and what helps set them apart is they’ve created their own technology, including their online portals and customer support systems.

Sky Blue Credit Repair is compliant with all the rules and regulations of the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) that “prohibits untrue or misleading representations” and requires full disclosure to consumers, and they’re also licensed and registered with the Attorney General. 

How much does Sky Blue Credit Repair cost?

Sky Blue Credit costs $79 for a setup fee, and then once your initial review is complete, you’ll get charged a $79 monthly fee until you cancel or pause the service. 

They also promise no additional charges for extra services.

Straightforward pricing

  • $79 flat set-up fee
  • $79 monthly fee

They also make it easy to do so by just clicking a button in their portal, which might be the handiest feature they have.

But the cool thing about them is that you don’t pay the setup fee and then the monthly fee immediately after—you’ll pay your first monthly fee exactly one month after the setup fee. 

Bonus: Sky Blue also offers a couples discount—if you both sign up, you’ll pay just $119 for the setup and $119 a month. 

Sky Blue Credit condition-free 90-day money-back guarantee (refund policy)

Sky Blue offers a 90-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied for any reason, and you tell them why.

Here are the terms from their website:

Refund policy expires 90 days from date of enrollment. Refund shall not exceed the amount you have paid to us during the first 90 days of your membership.

1. There is no minimum length of membership required
2. There is no waiting period before the guarantee becomes effective
3. There is no performance event, such as a single deletion, that will void the guarantee

You can find the exact terms of their money-back guarantee on this page.

Pros of using Sky Blue Credit Repair

  • A+ BBB Rating. It’s uncommon in this industry to have an A+ rating with the BBB, which is a great sign of trust.
  • You only pay if they can help: If, during your free consultation, the representative feels that their services will not raise your credit score, they will let you know and you won’t be charged
  • Fast service: as soon as you sign up, they get to work disputing negative inquiries on your credit report—they dispute 15 items every 30 days
  • 90-day guarantee: If you’re not satisfied, you can ask for your money back—no questions asked
  • Online portal: you can see your progress, pay your bill, or stop or pause your service with one click
  • Transparent pricing structure:$79 per month to help rebuild your credit history
  • No pushy sales gimmicks: Sky Blue reps don’t work on commission, so you don’t have to worry about pushy sales gimmicks or feeling pressured into buying products you don’t need
  • Free credit reports: Unlike some of the other credit repair companies, Sky Blue doesn’t charge you for the monthly or extra credit reports they pull

Things to be aware of

  • No legal staff. Legal staff is not necessarily common within the credit repair industry, but some people like having the peace of mind that companies like Lexington Law bring them.

What does Sky Blue Credit Repair do?

Sky Blue Credit Repair is a service for people with bad credit or credit issues who need help raising their scores.

They have an all-inclusive service that repairs and monitors your credit while giving you the advice you need in order to keep improving your score.

Credit reports

The first thing you’ll do once you enroll is follow the instructions on how to get your free credit reports—Sky Blue will have you pull your reports from all three of the major credit bureaus: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. 

Review your reports

Once they receive your reports, Sky Blue will thoroughly analyze them line by line, identifying and taking note of any issues.

Their professionals are known for spotting even the most subtle problems, and they know the credit regulations and laws well enough to dispute them.

For example, creditors cannot keep reporting a debt once they sell them to collection agencies—so, Sky Blue will comb your report thoroughly for multiple listings of the same account. 

Free consultation

After they review your reports, Sky Blue will contact you to discuss the plan going forward.

If they don’t see any problems their services can help with, they’ll you know and require no payment.

If they do find issues, though, they go over them line by line with you and let you know what they will be disputing. 

The Sky Blue reps also give you a list of “practical score optimization and credit rebuilding tips applicable to your situation.” For example, if they feel your credit utilization is greatly affecting your score, they might advise you to open another account and pay down some others. 

Credit monitoring

Sky Blue uses a third-party credit monitoring service that’s included in your cost.

When you sign up for membership, they sign you up for this service free of charge—with it, you will receive alerts when something on your credit report changes.

This is especially helpful for victims of identity theft or other types of fraud.

Handling disputes

Once you’ve agreed to their services, Sky Blue will begin sending out dispute letters and re-dispute letters for all the items on your credit report they feel they can have removed—they will dispute 15 items (5 on each report) every 30 days. 

Sending cease & desist letters

In addition to dispute letters, Sky Blue will also send out cease and desist letters.

These documents inform creditors that you are in the process of credit repair, which means they must cease their collection letters and calls until the matter is resolved.

Custom online portal

Sky Blue has developed its own user-friendly online portal where you can see your progress any time you would like.

You can also update your information, chat with a customer service rep or upload necessary documents, and this is also where you would go to easily pause or cancel your services with one click.

Completion of services

Sky Blue doesn’t keep you hanging on longer than you need to—once they feel they’ve done everything they can to help you, they let you know.

Theirs is a month-to-month membership that you are free to cancel any time. 

Additional services

Sky Blue is unique to other credit repair agencies in that they have several additional services you can use free of charge.

Debt validation

When you receive collection notices in writing, you have a legal right to ask the creditor to validate the debt—Sky Blue advises that you only use this approach if you’re willing to pay the debt or you sincerely believe the debt is not yours. 

This is because debt validation can “trigger new and aggressive collection efforts,” and so Sky Blue uses the tactic cautiously and only after clearing it with you.

Goodwill letters

If you have some late payments that are older than six months, followed by on-time payments, Sky Blue will send a goodwill letter, which is basically an appeal to creditors to remove negative items from your report without disputing that they are yours. 

Cease & desist letters

Sky Blue will send out cease and desist letters to your creditors on your behalf, with the intent to let them know you’re in the credit repair process and that they must stop their collection efforts.

This is another tactic that Blue Sky uses with caution and only with your permission—these letters can spur legal action when the creditor feels they have no other option for collecting their money.

Debt settlement consultation

Debt settlement and negotiating consulting is a great service that Sky Blue offers. If your intention is to pay a debt, they can help you determine a strategy for doing so.

They’ll advise you whether there is a good chance of having it removed or not, and then they’ll help you with a negotiation strategy to possibly get a reduced payoff amount. 

How does Sky Blue help people with poor credit?

Sky Blue Credit Repair helps people with poor credit by working on the factors that affect your credit the most.

And make no mistake: one of the biggest problems with credit reports is the shocking number of errors found on them. According to the FTC (Fair Trade Commission), at least one in five consumers have an error on their credit report.

And almost all of those were errors that affected their credit score negatively. In fact, once these issues were addressed, many people saw their scores go up more than 25 points.

When you sign up with Sky Blue, the first thing they do is comb your report for inaccuracies—this can be items that belong to other people, wrong names, old accounts, fraudulent accounts, etc. Depending on the error they find, they then either contact the credit bureau or the creditor who reported the account. 

The usual process for this is to send dispute letters in an attempt to verify that the account belongs to you.

If the creditor or bureau is unable to produce that proof, then they must remove the item from your report. If they deny your dispute, the next step may be to send a second, more detailed letter providing additional information as to why you believe an item does not belong to you.

Along with erroneously reported items, Sky Blue also looks for items that should have already fallen off your report, such as a late payment—most of these are supposed to fall off your credit report after 7 years, though bankruptcies can remain on for up to 10. 

Regulations also state that if a creditor sells your account to a collection agency, they must cease in reporting it. Sky Blue will look for duplicates such as these and get them removed from your credit report.

Lastly, they look for items that they feel creditors might remove as an act of goodwill.

There are certain items, such as one late payment amidst many on-time ones, that sometimes creditors will remove. If Sky Blue believes you have such items, they will send goodwill letters in the hopes of appealing to a creditor’s good nature in the spirit of good customer service.

Just one late payment can affect your FICO by up to 60 points, and things like repossessions and charge-offs can affect it up to 80 points—this is why getting as many negative items removed as possible is the fastest way to improve your score.

In addition to actually helping to repair your credit, Blue Sky also offers credit counseling to its customers. They will give you customized tips for improving and maintaining your credit score. Their website is also full of useful tips, information, and advice that anyone can use.

What can’t Sky Blue Credit do?

Let’s be clear: no credit repair agency that operates within the law can remove items that are proven to be accurate. If you dispute the item, they’re required to show proof that you actually owe the debt. If they can prove that, then you cannot have it removed. 

By the same token, actual legitimate inquiries can’t be removed—if a company can prove you gave your permission for them to check your credit, it will remain on your credit report, and lenders will see it.

How long does Sky Blue take to repair your credit?

Sky Blue starts the dispute process immediately after you sign up, and creditors then have 30 days to respond to these disputes. If they do not respond, the credit bureau has to remove the item. 

The credit repair process is different for every consumer.

If you’ve been the victim of any type of fraud, the process could take longer than average.

But many customers report seeing items start to fall off within the first 30 days. And then, they usually see some improvement every month after that.

It’s important to know that sometimes, there is a back and forth process involved. In other words, you may have to provide further documentation for some disputes and multiple letters may have to be sent. 

When Sky Blue believes they have done everything they can for you, they will let you know and advise you to cancel the service.

If they’re successful in the first round of disputes, they may decide that is all you need. But since they send more rounds of dispute letters every 35 days, 30 days is usually not enough time to tell. 

Remember there are no guarantees that any credit repair service can actually raise your credit score.

But Sky Blue has more than 20 years of experience that gives them a little more insight than your average consumer—they can usually give you a good idea of what items can be removed, but they have no control over how creditors and bureaus handle the disputes.

So, just be reasonable with your expectations if you decide to hire them or any other service. 

How do you sign up for Sky Blue Credit?

If you think you’d like to give Sky Blue a try, you can just hop on over to their website and click the “Get Started” button. Upon signing up, you’ll receive an email almost immediately with instructions on how to get your free credit reports. 

Once you upload your credit reports to their portal, they’ll review them and call you back—this whole process usually only takes 2-3 days. If you decide to proceed after your free consultation, they get to work immediately and you’ll be charged a setup fee in about six days.

And remember: canceling is easy. They set you up with an account on their portal where you can cancel or pause your service any time you wish.

What are customers saying about Sky Blue Credit Repair?

While Sky Blue has had some complaints on the BBB website, they have addressed them all and offered refunds when necessary. Most of the complaints appear to be from customers who were unclear about the credit repair process and that it may not work for everyone.

One reviewer on Consumer Affairs said he recommends Sky Blue to everyone he meets. He commended them on their outstanding customer service and impressive cancellation practices.

Another client was able to use Sky Blue’s credit counseling advice to pay off his debt, lower his balances, and qualify for new credit. He claims they helped him get his score up to 200 points within a year.

Kim from Idaho reported that Sky Blue helped her improve her score enough to buy a house.

And Rick of Newport Beach praised them for getting him from a 554 credit score to 710. He was also able to finally get an unsecured credit card with a $2500 limit.

You can read many more reviews just like these on the Sky Blue website, the Better Business Bureau website, and many more.

But what you’ll continue to see is customers who gush about their outstanding customer service, impressive results, and fast action. Time after time, these customers see huge jumps in their credit scores, more loan approvals, and lower interest rates.

How do I contact Sky Blue Credit Repair?

Contacting Sky Blue Credit Repair is easy: if you’d like a free consultation, you can click on the orange “Get Started” links on any of their web pages.

But if you’re not quite ready to sign up and just have some questions, you can also give them a call at 888-969-0074.

Wrapping up

If you’ve had trouble with your credit score lately, you know that even just a few late or missed payments can tank your score pretty badly. Not to mention, there are thousands of credit reports with fraudulent or inaccurate information. 

If your credit has taken a hit for any reason, we feel that Sky Blue is a great company to help you repair it.

With its many positive customer reviews, decades of success, and proven track record, this one is at the top of our list.

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