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Sky Blue Credit vs Credit Saint: Best Credit Repair Companies

Written by Mike Pearson
Updated September 30, 2022

Sky Blue Credit and Credit Saint rank among the top credit repair companies in the country. While they’re both solid choices for credit repair, it’s a good idea to review all the pros and cons — including cost, reputation, and past customer experiences — before you choose. 

Credit Saint – Winner

Overall, we choose Credit Saint as the leader in credit repair. While it’s a close call between the two credit repair companies, we believe Credit Saint offers the best combination of value, experience, and results.

However, both companies have a lot to offer, and both receive excellent marks from past and current customers. Ultimately, we believe you can’t go wrong with either of these companies for credit repair. 


Credit Saint has been in business since 2004, so it has a long history of helping people repair their credit. The company offers both credit repair and credit counseling, which is helpful for people who want long-term solutions when it comes to better money management. 

Credit Saint gives new customers a free consultation, and every package includes a 90-day money-back guarantee. These can be reassuring perks if you’re on the fence about credit repair. 


Credit Saint gets all-around high marks from past and current customers. It has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has been accredited by the BBB since 2007.  

The company also has an average 4.4 star rating out of 1,100+ ratings on Google, with the majority of reviewers praising Credit Saint for its professionalism and excellent results. 

Credit Repair Packages

Credit Saint offers three levels of credit repair packages, so there is something to fit every budget. With all packages, you can cancel at any time without paying any fees or penalties. 

  • Credit Polish – The Credit Polish package is the most affordable package Credit Saint offers. With this package, you pay a one-time $99 enrollment fee and then $79.99 per month each month you use the service. The Credit Polish package excludes disputes for judgments, bankruptcies, or repossessions. With this package, you’re also limited to five challenges per dispute cycle.
  • Credit Remodel – The Credit Remodel package is $99 to sign up and then $99.99 every month you use the service. This package includes everything you get with the Credit Polish level of service, plus Credit Saint will also dispute repossessions and bankruptcies on your behalf. With the Credit Remodel package, you also receive Experian credit score monitoring and inquiry targeting. The Credit Remodel level of service lets you challenge up to 10 inaccurately reported items per dispute cycle.
  • Clean Slate – The Clean Slate package is the priciest of Credit Saint’s offerings. This package costs a one-time signup fee of $195 and then $119.99 every month thereafter. According to Credit Saint, the Clean Slate package is its most aggressive level of service. At this tier, you get unlimited challenges each dispute cycle, plus all the features included in the lower-level packages.

Educational Resources

Credit Saint also offers a number of educational resources to help you get back on track with your credit score. The company’s blog is frequently updated and showcases a great deal of free information and helpful tips about credit repair.

Credit Saint’s packages also give you access to a client dashboard, where Credit Saint says you can talk with them “as much or as little as you like.” With the dashboard, you get access to status updates, progress reports, and account analyses. 

Speed of Service

Because everyone’s credit situation is different, it’s tough to predict how long the credit repair process will take. However, Credit Saint says it will begin disputing negative items right away, so you could see positive results in as little as a month. 

Sky Blue Credit 

Sky Blue Credit takes second place in our review, but that doesn’t mean you should count them out. The company is a solid choice for credit repair, and it’s definitely worth your consideration if you’re thinking about signing up for credit repair services. 


Sky Blue Credit has been in business since 1989, making it among the oldest credit repair companies out there. The company is known for its excellent customer service, easy-to-use customer portal, and straightforward pricing.


Sky Blue Credit gets high ratings from its past and current customers. It has an average 4.3 stars out of around 300 reviews on Google, as well as an average of four out of five stars out of 13 customer reviews on the BBB website. 

Credit Repair Packages

Sky Blue offers just one flat-fee package, which costs $79 to sign up and then $79 a month for every month you use the service. You can pause your account if you need to and then pick it back up later, and you can cancel at any time without any fees or penalties.

When you sign up for Sky Blue’s service, the company will dispute a maximum of 15 negative or inaccurate items every 35 days. If you sign up as a couple, the second person enrolled gets half off their sign-up fee as well as half off their monthly charge. 

Educational Resources

Sky Blue’s website offers a number of great resources for rebuilding your credit score and maintaining a healthy score over the long term. However, the company also offers personalized credit score guidance at no extra charge. 

Speed of Service 

According to Sky Blue, it has a leg up on the competition when it comes to the speed of its services. Whereas many credit repair companies dispute items in a 45- or 60-day cycle, Sky Blue sends disputes every 35 days, which is says aligns more closely with the credit bureaus‘ 30-day processing limit.  

Sky Blue Credit vs. Credit Saint

Compared side by side, it’s difficult to choose between Sky Blue Credit and Credit Saint, as both companies offer great services that can speed you on your way to a healthier credit score. Looking at all the factors, however, we believe Credit Saint edges past Sky Blue. 


Both Credit Saint and Sky Blue Credit have excellent online reputations. Both companies have been in business for well over a decade, and both get all-around good feedback from past and current clients. 

However, Credit Saint is accredited by the BBB and has an A rating, whereas Sky Blue Credit is not accredited and not rated.  


Both companies have similar pricing plans, although Credit Saint offers two additional levels of service compared to Sky Blue, which operates on a flat-rate basis.

One thing to keep in mind is that Sky Blue charges $0 when you sign up and then $79 six days after the date of your enrollment. With Credit Saint, you’ll pay between $99 and $195 to get started.  

Service Duration 

Credit repair is a process, and you should expect it to take some time. You probably didn’t damage your credit all at once, and repairing it won’t be an instant process either.

According to Sky Blue and Credit Saint, there are no guarantees either service will be able to get negative items removed from your credit report. However, if you’re patient and diligent, it’s possible you could see good results within a month of signing up. 

Also keep in mind that Sky Blue says it files disputes every 35 days. This is in contrast to other credit repair services, which tend to work in cycles ranging between 45 and 60 days. 

Previous Customer Experiences

While both companies get generally good reviews, Credit Saint has more reviews online, which can help you get a better idea of customers’ experiences. For example, Credit Saint has over 1,100 Google reviews, whereas Sky Blue has about 300.   

Sky Blue Credit vs. Credit Saint FAQs

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding Sky Blue Credit versus Credit Saint.

Is Credit Saint Any Good?

Credit Saint is an excellent credit repair company with transparent pricing and great customer reviews on average. The company responds to online customer feedback, which indicates that it takes its reputation and customer service seriously. 

Is Sky Blue Credit Legit?

Sky Blue Credit has been in business since 1989, making it one of the oldest and most established credit repair companies in the industry. It’s a legitimate company with a great reputation among past and present customers. 

How Long Does It Take to Repair Credit?

The credit repair process varies from person to person, as everyone’s credit situation is unique. Generally, the dispute process itself averages around 30 days, although this time frame can vary depending on which credit repair company you choose.

As you dispute more items, you should start seeing results within a month or so. For many people, it takes around six months to see the full benefits of credit repair. 

What Items Can Be Removed from My Credit Report?

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), credit bureaus and creditors can only report accurate information. If an item is inaccurate or false, the creditor or credit bureau must remove it. 

Can Deleted Items Reappear on My Credit Report?

Rarely, a deleted item may reappear on your credit report. This is known as a reinsertion on your credit report, and it usually occurs when the reporting entity believes it has enough information to verify a debt and report it accurately. 

If a previously deleted item reappears on your credit report, you have the right to dispute it again. 


With so many options out there, it can be tough to choose a credit repair company. If you’re willing to shop around and compare and contrast the top choices, however, you’re likely to find the perfect credit repair service to help you reach your goals.  

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